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Import BIND zones to Azure DNS

One of my customers was using BIND to handle their public facing DNS. In a effort to remove technical debt, minimize their infrastructure footprint, and to make it easier for staff, I was tasked to look for a cloud alternative to BIND

Introducing Azure DNS

Azure has a DNS hosting solution that has recently been slapped with a 100% SLA. Given this SLA and the fact that it’s dirt cheap, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using Azure DNS!

Importing the BIND Zones

Now on to the task at hand, getting the zones imported into Azure DNS. Using Azure CLI, we can very easily import the zone files directly to Azure!

 az network dns zone import --resource-group ResourceGroupName --name --file-name C:\Path\to\your\

Once you kick that off, you should start seeing it importing each record:

Shout out to Microsoft for making it straight forward. The only quirk...

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Search Exchange Online for a missing calendar

“Someone deleted our shared calendar!”

Oh boy..

Oh no

Once in a blue moon, we would get a panicked email about an important shared calendar mysteriously going MIA. What would end up happening is during some cleanup, an end user would inadvertently delete the entire shared calendar, then going about their business, causing a panic to other users. We need to somehow find this missing calendar, however before we do we first need a brief overview of the structure of an Exchange Mailbox.

Exchange Mailbox Dissection

To find a missing calendar (or any calendar really), we need to know the structure of a mailbox using, PowerShell.

Connect to your Exchange Online environment and type in the following cmdlet:

Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity | gm 

There are a couple important properties here:

  • Name
    • Name of the Folder
  • Folder Path
    • An actual path of the...

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Is this thing on?

Why am I doing a blog? I don’t know, couple reasons:

  • To stay relevant, keep up with technology, etc.
  • There have been many late nights, standing over a broken server/puddle of my own tears, deep into some random blog post hoping to find the right fix for my problem. This is my little way of paying back to the community and to help any other overworked sysadmin out there.
  • I’m pulled in so may directions that half the time I cant tell which way is up. This is my little way of recording neat fixes I find for me to look back to later, while helping the tech community at the same time!
  • Self promotion, my little way of trying to stand out in the massive pool of technology professionals.

I hope this blog helps some poor schmuck someday find a solution they have been looking for, inspires someone to try something new, or to also contribute to the tech community it their own way.


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